How a Lazy Bitch like me learned to be Productive

  • "Add one or two high quality habits each month, and implement them in bite-sized amounts every single day. (…) And by adding a couple high-quality new habits each month, in 6 months I'm virtually unrecognizable."

"I think people change slowly—much more slowly than we usually assume. Every time you try something to fix your life and you fail, you actually make a little bit of progress on yourself, just not enough to switch your behavior into something recognizably better. When you try a new strategy and succeed, there is a strong chance that you would not have been successful had you not made all of that incremental progress on yourself from all your failures. That's why it's important to never give up on yourself."

Make Your Habits Stick Forever (elastic habits)

  • For every habit you have, create more levels of difficulty and demand only accomplishing any of them on every given day. The lowest level shoul be doable e.g. in one minute (like 10 push-ups, 3 mins of bike riding, reading one page of the book, etc.). This allows you to maintain your streak also on a busy day, helping you to stick to the habit. Also, sometimes you start with just the lowest level of a difficulty in mind, but you'll feel like doing more afterwards. This also helps you to overcome difficulties with starting doing the habit.

How to Achieve Your Goals Easily

  • "For top performers, it’s not about the performance, it’s about the continual practice. The focus is on doing the action, not on achieving X goal by a certain date."

The Aggregation of Marginal Gains

  • "In the beginning, there is basically no difference between making a choice that is 1 percent better or 1 percent worse. But as time goes on, these small improvements or declines compound and you suddenly find a very big gap between people who make slightly better decisions on a daily basis and those who don't."

The Paradox of Behavior Change

  • "If you try to change your life all at once, you will quickly find yourself pulled back into the same patterns as before. But if you merely focus on changing your normal day, you will find your life changes naturally as a side effect."

What Are You Measuring In Your Life?

  • "The things we measure are the things we improve."

Ten minutes a day

  • "How, exactly, did I manage to write a book in this short a time? I had one simple rule: I had to work on the book for just ten minutes, every day, no excuses. Ever."

Why You Need To Say 'No' At Work

  • saying yes is actually saying no (to what matters)
  • focusing on what matters, and not just what’s in front of you, is the key to a more cohesive workload, and ultimately a better end result
  • say yes if:
    • the new request isn't a distraction from your business-as-usual responsibilities or a complete detour into another initiative
    • it could fit into one of your (e.g. long-term) objectives, even if not the ones for this particular day
    • there is another potential upside for doing it (learning something, helps to demonstrate your capabilities, does a relationship favor etc.)
  • be careful not to fall down the people-pleaser path of self destruction
  • the more you exercise your right, the more comfortable it will feel

The Best Strategies For More Productive Focus Time

  • Put blocks of Maker vs. Manager time on your calendar.
  • Defeat distractions with the 10 minute rule.
  • If you’ve gotten to a stopping point or you simply aren’t being productive anymore, engage in a completely different task
  • When you say “no” to things with little strategic value, you’ll free up more of your (valuable) focus time to excel at the things that truly have potential to make an impact.
  • One thing that makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable, while also helping promote accountability, is making them a team effort.

Hacking your twenties

  • do some sport
  • treasure relations
  • work towards goal
  • build savings
  • don't waste time

Creating a sleep ritual

  • disengage (e.g. 20 minutes of walking at 21:30 :)
  • avoid re-engaging (go straight to bed, read fiction, etc.)
  • early morning gym, jogging etc.

Go wander

  • "Everyday for the past two weeks, when my thoughts weren’t flowing, I got up and left. I would prance around the neighborhood or leave for a stroll in the park. It works!"

Why You Aren’t “Just Lucky To Have A Job.”

  • "Those who brought a sense of themselves to their work, people with ideas, passion and excitement always moved onward and upward."

What Are You The Best In the World At?

  • select a thing you want to dominate in
  • decide what you aren't going to do
  • be committed to that one thing. rest will work itself out.

Information overload and Twitter

  • great tips for excelent Twitter client

Keep Saturdays Sacred

  • create a habit of having one day a week devoted to working on your personal projects. kind of a hacking time.

David and Goliath

  • Competition consisting of giants can't be beaten by effort to match them on their battlefield.
  • Create your own battlefield with your own rules. Fighting your Goliaths unconventionally.

Byť dobrý na výške nestačí

  • najdi co ta naplna a je uzitocne pre inych
  • jedinym hodnotnym talentom je schopnost dlhodobo a sustredene sa niecomu venovat
  • neuspech je vysledok experimentu, ktory nam pomaha optimalizovat
  • robit nieco naviac, nad ramec povinnosti
  1. najdi si hobby a verne buduj skill. ztaz si robenie zlych veci, ulahci dobrych
  2. vytvor si socialnu siet podobnych ludi
  3. socialna siet + skill = rast
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