Hacking your twenties

  • do some sport
  • treasure relations
  • work towards goal
  • build savings
  • don't waste time

Creating a sleep ritual

  • disengage (e.g. 20 minutes of walking at 21:30 :)
  • avoid re-engaging (go straight to bed, read fiction, etc.)
  • early morning gym, jogging etc.

Go wander

  • "Everyday for the past two weeks, when my thoughts weren’t flowing, I got up and left. I would prance around the neighborhood or leave for a stroll in the park. It works!"

Why You Aren’t “Just Lucky To Have A Job.”

  • "Those who brought a sense of themselves to their work, people with ideas, passion and excitement always moved onward and upward."

What Are You The Best In the World At?

  • select a thing you want to dominate in
  • decide what you aren't going to do
  • be committed to that one thing. rest will work itself out.

Information overload and Twitter

  • great tips for excelent Twitter client

Keep Saturdays Sacred

  • create a habit of having one day a week devoted to working on your personal projects. kind of a hacking time.

David and Goliath

  • Competition consisting of giants can't be beaten by effort to match them on their battlefield.
  • Create your own battlefield with your own rules. Fighting your Goliaths unconventionally.

Byť dobrý na výške nestačí

  • najdi co ta naplna a je uzitocne pre inych
  • jedinym hodnotnym talentom je schopnost dlhodobo a sustredene sa niecomu venovat
  • neuspech je vysledok experimentu, ktory nam pomaha optimalizovat
  • robit nieco naviac, nad ramec povinnosti
  1. najdi si hobby a verne buduj skill. ztaz si robenie zlych veci, ulahci dobrych
  2. vytvor si socialnu siet podobnych ludi
  3. socialna siet + skill = rast
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