Time Saving Tips



  • Check emails only few times a day. Process only important ones in the morning and others only after all the other work planned for the day is done.
  • Handle e-mail exclusively on your main computer and never on your cell phone or tablet.

Cell phone

  • Don't own a smartphone.
  • Don't have a flat rate mobile internet connection.
  • Don't check emails on your cell phone.


  • Delete your Facebook account, if you have one.
  • Put all urls belonging to FB on a blacklist. Including widgets etc.


  • Follow only people you know personally.
  • Follow only small amount of other Twitter accounts and do so via lists feature instead of ordinary following.
  • Check new tweets only once a week (preferably on weekends).


  • Don't read longer text articles on the computer. Move them to your Kindle.
  • Add articles to your Kindle only once a week (preferably on weekends).


  • Refuse to aimlessly surf the web. Always have a specific object in mind, and resolve to seek only that.


  • No games. Ever.
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